MLB Baseball Gambling Lines

MLB Betting Lines Online

Betting baseball is one of the best ways to make money at since it is one of the easiest sports to handicap. Many sportsbooks (both online and Nevada) will tell you that during baseball they are happy to simply break even.

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Our Goal is to give you some basic knowledge for betting baseball. Simply but the two most important things are to shop around for the best baseball odds and of pick more winners than losers.

Baseball gambling lines offers all types of baseball gambling information, Baseball terms Baseball betting guide and Baseball betting history to its customers. Baseball gambling has never been easier, whether you want to bet a parlay or straight bet.

Gambling on baseball futures and proposition bets, too. Choose baseball betting with a run line spread or bet on baseball with a money line. Online baseball gambling is one of the best places to find latest MLB baseball odds and gambling lines for every MLB baseball game.

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2013 MLB World Series Baseball Betting Odds

2013 World Series Predictions

If you are looking for 2013 MLB World Series Odds, you have come to the right place. On this page you will find up-to-the-minute World Series betting odds and World Series Betting Lines. We offer everything you need for betting on the MLB championship.

MLB World Series betting Lines: If you're looking for the best advice to beat the MLB baseball betting, you've certainly come to the right place. At Bookmaker sportsbook, we're getting ready for one of the most exciting times of the year: the World Series.

The World Series is played between the pennant winner of the American League and the pennant winner of the National League in October each year. The Series winner is determined through a best-of-seven playoff games. The World Series is a tradition in American sports that extends back over 100 years. The games are played in October, so there is often a crisp chill in the air at a World Series game. But the cooler temperatures are offset by the electricity of the crowd during each game. Each game is critical to the outcome, so every inning and every at bat are huge. 162 regular season games, and two weeks of playoff games, come down to a few World Series games. The crowds buzz, the teams are intense and each player is trying to make that one key play that will be talked about forever.

Need to check the latest MLB World Series baseball odds and MLB betting schedules? No problem. The sites that we have listed here, are some of the most reliable and trusted internet sportsbooks for baseball gambling odds.


College Baseball World Series

College Baseball World Series Odds

TD Ameritrade Park Omaha - Omaha, Nebraska

Regionals (16 Sites)
Super Regionals (8 Sites)

2013 NCAA Men's College World Series games will begin on Saturday, June 15 through June 25/26

Every June, the NCAA baseball season reaches an amazing apex at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha for the College World Series. This is one of the greatest spectacles in college sports, with the nation's hottest teams laying it all on the line in a quest for a national championship.

The College Baseball World Series format, there are 16 regions and 4 teams in each. Each region is hosted by its top seed and this round is in a double-elimination format. 16 teams will emerge from the regional's into what is called the "super regional's." They will all play in best-of-three series and the winner of each super region (8 teams in total) goes to Omaha for the 2013 College World Series.

College World Series Betting Lines

MLB All-Star Game Betting Strategy

MLB All-Star Game 2013

The MLB All-Star Game is referred to by many as the "Midsummer Classic" because generally it is the halfway point of the MLB season.

The All-Star Game is held each July - The All-Star Game venue is chosen by MLB and traditionally alternates between the two leagues every year. The home team is the league in which the host franchise plays its games. The two managers are traditionally the managers of the previous season's two World Series teams.

Bet MLB All Star Game now!

Need to check the latest MLB All Star baseball Odds and MLB betting schedules No problem. The sites that we have listed here, are some of the most reliable and trusted internet sportsbooks for baseball gambling odds.

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Every single fact needed to know in order to bet on baseball!

Bet on Baseball Online

Every single fact needed to know in order to bet on baseball!

Money lines (side and totals), and run lines on all games. You won't strike out when you play with Our sponsors SportsBooks.

Money Line

When wagering on sides, if you are betting the favorite, you will be laying odds. When betting on the underdog, you will be picking the odds. The odds for each game are based on who is pitching.

There are four ways of betting baseball:

Action: you do not care if the listed pitchers start the game.

Listing both pitchers: you want action only if both pitchers start the game.

Listing your pitcher: you want action only if your pitcher starts the game.

Listing the opponents' pitcher: you want action only if the other teams' pitcher starts the game.

Example of how straight bets are done:

Dodgers Brown +130 over 9½ -110

Yankees Mussina -150 under 9½ -110

When wagering on the Yankees (favorite), you will be staking $150 to win $100.

When wagering on the Dodgers (underdog), you will be laying $100 to win $130.

If there is a pitching change prior to the start of the game. All "listed pitchers" wagers will be cancelled and the money refunded. All "action goes" wagers will be adjusted to the odds of the new pitcher.

Totals (over/under)

Wagering on the total runs scored on the game:

If you wager on the Dodgers/Yankees game to go OVER the predicted total, the amount of the runs on the game must be equal or more than 10 in order to win the wager.

If you wager on the Dodgers/Yankees game to go UNDER the predicted total, the amount of runs on the game must not exceed 9 in order to win the wager.

The game must go to 8 1/2 complete innings. In the event of a pitcher change or an incomplete game (less than 8 1/2 innings) all money lines wagers are no action. Parlays will revert to the next level (3 team parlay becomes a 2 team parlay and a two team parlay will become a straight wager).

Special Baseball Rules:

·A game must go over 4 1/2 innings for you to have action on the money lines.

·A game must go over 8 1/2 innings for you to have action on the run-line and the totals.

·In the case of a postponed or canceled game after 8 1/2 innings the money line will be no action, but the run-line and the totals will have action.

* Note: Totals are always listed pitchers.

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